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Social Coaching: beyond performance

Last week I was reminded about the immense power of coaching at totally opposite ends of the participation spectrum. On Wednesday (30th April) I spent most of my day on the road, travelling to a sports coach UK partner event in Nottingham, where approximately thirty of my England Coaching Network colleagues met to discuss our strategies on supporting the coaches involved in UK’s talent landscape.  It was a massively powerful day and really resonated with me as a coach. I was forced to reflect on some of my own past and present experiences of working within the talent and performance domain. I love talking about talent development and contemplating ways to support our local talent coaches as well as developing new strategies and skills to improve my own coaching and my athletes.

However, on Thursday I attended two very different events which couldn't have been further from the talent topic and yet have so many connecting threads, and were, to my surprise, equally inspirational.
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