A Message from Kevin Harris, Southampton Solent University:

Picture of students exhibithing their Coaching Innovation Project, Heart of the Community

Heart of the Community is a porject aimed at reducing isolation in the elderly through physical activity.


Firstly, on behalf of the Sports Coaching and Development team, I’d like to say a big thank you to you for attending this year’s Coaching Innovation Symposium. We received a lot of positive feedback for the event, as well as the projects. In addition, we would like to thank you for providing us with your feedback and any recommendations, which we will use to improve the event for the following year. We will also be passing on comments about the projects to allow the students to continue to develop their skills and for next year’s students to prepare for your questions!

This method of assessment is becoming increasingly popular, as it allows the students to interact with practitioners, discussing a real life project based around contemporary issues within the community. We would not be able to continue to do this for the students without the level of attendance received this year, so again we sincerely thank you.

We are pleased to announced that, while we are proud of all of our fantastic Coaching Innovation Projects this year, the winner of the Kukri sporting goody bag will be going to the girls of ‘Heart of the Community’, receiving the most votes on the night!

Once again, a massive thank you and we look forwards to seeing you next year! If you have any questions regarding the Coaching Innovation Programme, please do not hesitate to contact me (Kevin.Harris@solent.ac.uk).


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