The newly formed Disability Coaching Network


Off the back of the most successful Paralympics ever, Coaching Hampshire & IOW are looking to raise the profile of disabled and non-disabled coaches in sport. Our plan is to recruit, develop, deploy and retain 50 coaches to support disability sport across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight over the next 2-years and beyond

There are around 11 million disabled people in the UK, less than two in ten disabled people in England are taking part in sport. To overcome this The Disability Coaching Network primary focus is to work with NGBs to identify the best coaches and mentors to support coaches within disability sport, with the hope to increase the inclusion of disabled individuals within sport. We aim to bring like-minded volunteers and professionals together to share ideas, practice, and resources. By working together we hope to continue to:

• Raise the profile of disabled and non-disabled coaches in sport.
• Recruit, develop and retain more coaches who can deliver inclusive sport
• Support coach development through coach mentoring and training
• Create a collaborative community of deliverers and organisations
• Influence coaches through aspirational role models.

Coaching Hampshire & IOW carried out a survey to indicate the barriers which may exist in disability sport and disability sport coaching. Information received has helped us to strengthen the Disability Coaching Network to deliver a coaching provision which is best suited to disability sport needs and that aim to address the barriers that exists.
Main barriers were;

  • Limited access to information and resources
  • Limited opportunities and programmes for participation, training and competitions
  • Anxiety and lack of confidence in coaches.

For us to continue to develop The Disability Coaching Network we need to sign up coaches in disability sport or those who wish to be more inclusive. Please could you follow the link and sign up. This would give you a chance to share your ideas and solutions and for us to inform you of up-coming workshops and opportunities.


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