Want to become a self-employed coach?

Becoming a self-employed coach sounds like a great life!  In theory you can work when it suits you, be your own boss and take holidays anytime the mood takes you – right?

The reality of community coaching means that most of the work happens either in the school day, or most commonly between the twilight hours of 3-6 (that’s about 15 hours per week!).  If you’re lucky you might be paid to coach for a club who will train either early in the morning (5.00am starts are common place for those involved in swimming) or til late in the evening, if you depend on access to facilities like sport centres.  Just when everyone else is chilling for the weekend, you have to go to work at the crack of dawn or during your favcourite episode of X-Factor!

Being your own boss also means not just coaching, but also marketing & promotion, administration, stock-taking and book-keeping.  Generally speaking, if you plan to take a holiday you either don’t get paid or have to pay someone else to cover your sessions.  Still fancy it?  If so, then read on…

As a formerly full-time coach I can profess to loving the work, but not the hours.  Coaching is such a rewarding vocation and if you can get the right support and plan your business venture well, it can be an amazing way to make a living.

Coaching Hampshire & IOW have been working with several commercial partners to make the steps into your dream job less stressful.  In November 2010 we teamed up with GBSport, a sports consultancy and training provider who help sports organisations and sports businesses get the most out of what they do.  They have a number of training courses ideal for the first time trader, who wants to develop a strong business profile and a sustainable livelihood.  They’ve also developed some useful webapges for Coaching Hampshire & IOW called Business Essentials, which give you a taste of some of the factors involved in running your own business and or employing coaches.

We’ve also been working with an organsation called Active Kids.  Active Kids are a commercial organisation based in the South East.   Established in 2002, ActivKids has now been developing and providing fitness programmes to encourage children to lead a more active lifestyle for the best part of a decade.  The programmes mix games, play and more recognised exercise programmes together in a fun and safe way, which is suitable for all children aged 4 to 11 years. 

ActivKids are now looking to expand on the work they are doing by launching their Ambassador Programme and are looking for coaches and teachers to be a part of this innovative idea. The ActivKids Ambassador programme is not a franchise and therefore has no large upfront costs, and has no ongoing license fees or service management fees.  According to Director, James Porter “…what you make is what you keep!”.

For more information on the ActivKids Ambassador Programme , please download the ActivKids Ambassador Prospectus by here ActivKids_Ambassador_Prospectus[1]. Alternatively, please contact ActivKids directly at 0844 800 2366.


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