Coaching Key to Success says Minister

Minister for Sport and Olympics, Hugh Robertson, says having the right coaching structure in place is one of the cornerstones of producing medal winners.

The Minister also said coaching, as part of sport, is fortunate as changes to the National Lottery will see an extra £50m per year made available to sport as part of ensuring a participation legacy from London 2012.

He added that with finances tight a long-term challenge is to raise the importance of sport across the whole of government as part of joined up working across departments.

Speaking in a message to the 2010 UK Coaching Summit the Minister said: ‘I think coaching is one of the four key components needed to produce a sporting champion.

‘Somebody said to me a while ago that to produce an Olympic champion you need to have the right funding – we have in this country through the lottery. Second is to have the right systems in place, increasingly that is so in sport. Third is to ensure you have the right coaching structure and fourth is that the athlete has the right mental desire.’

Referring to funding he said: ‘Sport is luckier than most parts of the economy because it has not only the exchequer funding, which clearly is going to be cut, but also the National Lottery and whatever it can raise through private funding or broadcast deals.

‘In terms of the Lottery we have made a commitment to increase the share of money that sport gets through the Lottery to 20 per cent, therefore releasing £100m to sport by 2012. That will help enormously to drive a proper mass participation sports legacy from London 2012.’

Touching on how sport can benefit other areas of government he said: ‘One of the great challenges facing us is how to make sport mean more across other government departments, how to draw in what is happening in health, in education, in social inclusion in terms of the Home Office, and build it up into a much more meaningful offer for sport.
‘In times when money is tight that challenge is even greater and we must join up what is happening in the DCMS, Department of Health, Department of Education and the Home Office to use four examples.

‘Sport is, I think, one of the most under-used tools of government and one of the great challenges is to push sport out so that it starts to mean more across government.’


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