Future Jobs Fund gives young unemployed a sporting chance

futurejobslargeWith the recent change in government the future of central government investment in sport is uncertain.  Last week the Lib-Con coallition reported billions of pounds worth of cuts across a wide range of departments and industries.   Amongst these budgets was the Department of Work and Pensions’ Future Jobs Fund (FJF).  The Labour-devised scheme aimed to get 200, 000 young people into long-term employment by investing £5bn.  Nevertheless, it was also reported that some of this funding would be retained and Sport Hampshire & IOW (SHIOW) have managed to secure a small portion of this funding.

In July and August 2010 SHIOW in partnership with the National Skills Academy will be promoting 31 new jobs for young people.

The FJF Trainee Sports Coach jobs will be aimed at young people aged between 18-24 years old.  The FJF scheme aims to provide opportunities for those who have been found it difficult to get jobs in the current enconomic climate or may lack the formal qualifications often requested by employers.

Jobs will be available in a variety of sports and with a range of deployers across the Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.  Coaching Development Manager, CJ Lee, as lead for this new project explained “We’re looking for candidates who can demonstrate a real passion for sport and sports coaching.  We’re working with some really exciting partners, from professional sports clubs to local coaching providers and I’m confiendent this will lead to an increase in the number of paid coaches in a whole host of locations and settings suporting our local children, players and athletes to enjoy their sport.”

Young people can now apply for jobs under the fund after being unemployed for 6 months.  The fund can be accessed by going along to local job centres, where a list of potential jobs is held and people can be matched to the various opportunities.

Alternatively applicants can look for jobs direct on the www.jobsgameon.co.uk website.

For more information keep checking the Coaching Hampshire website and our Facebook page.


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