South East Coaching Bursary Update

The South East Coaching Bursary is the result of a year long workforce development research task force which included Skills Active, Sports Coach UK and the European Social Fund through the Learning Skills Council.  The result was a £300k investment in coaching for the South East.  The programme, which supports those wishing to take UKCC Level 2 and Level 3 qualifications, has been running since 2008 is now coming to close in December 2010.  However, there’s still plenty of scope for new courses to be run and hundreds of coaches to be supported.

The Funding

Only UKCC endorsed sports at L2 and L3 are eligible. There is a fixed grant of £200 per L2 and £462 per L3 across all eligible sports.

Sport Level 2 UKCC Level 3 UKCC  
Angling Yes No  
Athletics Yes No Not running UKCC in England until Sept 2010
Badminton Yes Yes  
Basketball Yes No  
Canoeing Yes Yes  
Cricket Yes Yes  
Cycling Yes Yes  
Equestrian Yes Yes  
Golf Yes Yes  
Gymnastics Yes No  
Hockey Yes Yes  
Judo Yes Yes  
Netball Yes Yes  
Rugby League Yes Yes  
Rugby Union Yes Yes  
Rounders Yes No  
Rowing Yes Yes  
Swimming Yes Yes  
Squash Yes Yes  
Table Tennis Yes Yes  
Tennis Yes No  
Triathlon Yes Yes  
















Who is eligible for the bursary?

These criteria are set by ESF but NGBs can/may add their own criteria if they wish.   All applicants should:

  • live or coach within the South East region (Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire & IOW, Bucks and MK, Berkshire and Oxfordshire) assessed by the postcode of the applicant or of the club. Watch out for the border with London (e.g. Bromley or Kingston) and refer any questionable cases to the contract holders
  • be 19 + years old
  • be endorsed by the relevant NGB and / or CSP
  • hold sufficient pre requisite qualifications for either Level 2 or 3 UKCC
  • be currently employed as a coach or coaching voluntarily
  • not be in full time education (unless the course is completed during the summer holidays)
  • agree to the terms and conditions of the bursary

Terms and Conditions

All applicants should:

  • agree to complete the necessary paperwork (support will be available)
  • agree to a CRB check where necessary (in conjunction with the appropriate NGB policy and procedures)
  • agree to sharing their data with relevant third party organisations such as CSPs

How does the bursary work?

Step 1: Coaches are identified by the NGB (with support from CSP if needed)

Step 2: Coach books a place on UKCC Level 2 or Level 3 course (paid for by coach, club, NGB or employer. Match funding from other schemes e.g. CSP or School Sport Coaching Bursaries can also be used)

Step 3: Coach attends course (and completes relevant ESF paperwork)

Step 4: Coach passes course and assessments

Step 5: Confirmation of coach pass sent to contract holder

Step 6: Bursary funding released from contract holder to NGB

NB. If necessary, bursary funding is then passed from NGB to coach, club or employer (whoever paid originally) or is held by the NGB (if they are covering the course cost).


  1. Why is this bursary different to those in other regions?
    This is ESF money and as such comes with its own set of rules, regulations and deadlines.
  2. Why is there only funding for UKCC?
    The LSC require all qualifications that they fund to be quality assured and on the National Qualifications Framework. Sport England, sports coach UK, and SkillsActive aim to only support qualifications that are recognised as important to the sector and identified in the Sector Qualifications Strategy.
  3. What is the classification of an ‘existing coach or volunteer’? There are no time requirements here e.g. a volunteer could have just joined a club yesterday or been there for years. It is up to the NGB to identify the most appropriate coaches to benefit from the funding.
  4. Why is there a set amount of funding and not a percentage of each UKCC cost?
    ESF allocated a set amount per learner based on an average cost across all UKCC courses.
  5. Can we share out the funding to more coaches e.g. give two coaches half the funding each?
    No, the funding and targets are set per coach by ESF
  6. Is this the same as the ‘Coachability’ project?
    The funding for both projects comes from ESF but they are separate. Coachability is specifically for coaches with a disability and has a different application process. Coaches can’t apply for both projects.
  7. Can the additional funding come from another project or bursary e.g. Recruit into Coaching, School Sport Coaching Programme or CSP Coach Bursaries?
  8. Do the coaches need mentors?
    Yes. This is preferred best practice.
  9. Is there any funding to support NGB or CSP admin of the project?
  10. What if a sport gains UKCC endorsement at Level 2 or 3 once the project has already started?
    Some places are being held back for sports in this situation and information on likely timescales for endorsement is being collected.
  11. Do all the funded coaches have to attend the same course? This is up to each NGB. You can fund a couple of places on several courses or an entire course, whatever works best for you. You will need somebody on the first day of every course to administer the ESF paperwork.
  12. Can the funding be used for any other courses or qualifications e.g. mentoring or child protection?
    No. Funding is only for UKCC L2 and L3.
  13. Is there any funding for training Tutors and Assessors?
    Not through this strand. There is national funding for this via the Coaching Investment Programme being managed by the National Skills Academy.
  14. Do courses have to run in the South East region?
    No. Courses can run anywhere but coaches must live or coach in the South East.

Please direct any coaches to the appropriate NGB contacts listed below.

Sport Contact
Athletics (not delivering UKCC until Sept 2010)
Cricket Please contact your County Cricket Board
Equestrian  &
Hockey (not currently engaging with the bursary)
Netball &
Rugby League
Rugby Union &
Rounders &
Swimming &
Squash &
Table Tennis
Tennis &


Please contact with any further queries.


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