Havant Club Conference creates a buzz

Last night I attended the Havant Club Development Conference.  I delivered a session called COACHING UPDATE at which I attempted to raise awareness of some of the issues facing local coaches, coach coordinators and managers, whilst sharing information on some of the resources currently out there.

The audience (of about 20) seemed engaged enough and we’re happy to share with me some of their biggest challenges around coach and coaching development.  Amongst the top 5 were: –

  • Time (for volunteer coaches to coach and to access coach educations)
  • Access (to facilities in order to coach and to coach education courses)
  • Cost (of courses and CPD workshops)
  • Quality (of courses and coaching)
  • NGBs (difficulties for the clubs without NGBs e.g. Karate clubs, and being overshaddowed by favoured individuals i.e. by those with a professional playing background)

I suggested a few more, which can be viewed in my presentation:  Coaching Update presentation

Equally I took the time to raise awareness of our coaching website.  Click here if you want to check out Coaching Hamsphire & IOW.

The event gave me a unique opportunity to engage directly with coaches, coordinators and managers and assess the barriers and challenges they face in their work to develop coaches and provide positive experiences for all participants.  Over the next week I’ll review all the feedback I collected at the event and provide responses here on the blog (where I have them) and signpost people to additional sources and resources where they exist.

I’d like to thank Kyle Hanna at Havant BC for the invite and all the people who took the time to attend my session.

CJ Lee
Coaching Development Officer
Sport Hampshire & IOW


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