Future of Standards and Education in Sports Coaching

SkillsActive, Sports Coach UK and a range of Governing Bodies and other stakeholders have developed new draft National Occupational Standards (NOS) for Sports Coaching to cover the essential ‘core’ functions at levels 1 to 3.  Through consultation events across the UK and an online consultation questionnaire SkillsActive are looking for feedback to help to improve the Standards to ensure they meet the future needs of the coaching sector. 

The new draft Standards have been developed to support the UK Coaching Framework, UK Coaching Model and UK Coaching Certificate, these links will be explored more at the planned consultation events.

The draft NOS are presented at three levels:

  •  Level 1: Assistant Coach
  • Level 2: Sessional Coach
  • Level 3: Coach developing and implementing annual coaching programmes

To view the new draft coaching standards and to access the consultation questionnaire and details of the events please visit: http://www.skillsactive.com/coachingNOS


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