Scholarships now online!

Coaching Hampshire & IOW is pleased to announce that its Coach, Official & Volunteer Scholarship are now available online. This is a signification improvement to our service offer to coaches and coaching coordinators.

The Scheme, which last year supported in excess of 250 coaches in over 30 sports to the tune of £24, 000, will now be accessible online to an even greater number of people.

Whilst there have been some changes to the scheme’s eligibility criteria, the online application process will open up the scheme to more people from a greater number of sports and parts of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

The most signicant change is that this year the focus for the scheme will be on creating a larger workforce of independent coaches i.e. Level 2 and above. See our review of the scheme for more information on the recent changes.

Sports Development Officer’s take the Lead
Whilst the scheme is now accessible online, there is still one key element which has not changed. In order to make an application you must first seek the approval of a designated Lead Officer, who will in affect ‘sponsor’ your application. This designated officer must be either a National Governing Body of Sport development officer or Sports Development officer from one of our 14 Local Authories (including our three Unitary Authories, Portsmouth, Southampton, and the Isle of Wight).

Guidlines explaining the criteria and the online application form can be accessed at the link below: –

Online Application Form

Alternatively you can access the form and guidance by going to, go to the COACHING OPPORUTUNITIES page, then use the right menu bar to find the SCHOLARSHIPS page. Please read the guidance carefully before completing the form.


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