Multi-Skills Coaches get a boost from Youth Sport Trust and Sport England

The Youth Sport Trust (YST) have announced a major contribution to the continued delivery of Multi-Skills coaching in England.

After Sport England announced earlier in the year that all sport-specific Community Coaches will be subsumed by each National Governing Body’s Whole Sport Plan, they have given the YST a multi-million funding boost to support the important work carried out by Community Multi-Skills Coaches.

County Sports Partnerships accross the UK will continue to coordinate the remnants of the Community Sports Coach Scheme and will look to recieve bids from exisiting programmes over the next couple of months.

The annoucement is by no means a surprise to those who have seen the impact of multi-skills coaching in school and club settings. Multi-Skills is the bedrock of successful and life-long participation in sport and physical activty. Without good agility, balance, and coordination you cannot hope to achieve your potential in any physical activity. It’s not just about talent development, though. A physically competent athlete at any level will enjoy their sport more and reduce the risk of injury, if they have a solid unpinning in movement literacy.

The Youth Sport Trust and Sports Coach UK, the governing body for coaching in all four home countries, have been lobbying Sport England for some time, since the annoucement of Sport England’s Grow, Sustain and Excel strategy was launched back in early 2008.

Multi-Skills coaches working closely with KS1-KS3 teachers will continue embedding movement literacy (physical development skills) alongside the other 4 key talent development abilities; social, thinking/cognitive; personal and creative.

“Multi-skills give young people a sound grounding in Physical Literacy. They will encounter a range of activities which are non-sports specific to improve their basic movement and fundamental sport skills in a fun, challenging and enjoyable environment.”

The annoucement is good news for Hampshire & the Isle of Wight where a number of Multi-Skills Coaches have been doing exceptional work with participants from KS1-KS4. This will only fuel the solid work carried out in our county, not just by schools, but by an increasing number of club coaches.  In March of this year as part of Sport Hampshire & IOW’s Multi-Skills Programme more than 10 coaches from Portsmouth Football Club attended a 1-day multi-skill workshop. The inclusion of multi-skills in mainstream sports signals an important milestone in Junior Athlete Education and talent develop within sport and physical education in the UK.

To read about the Youth Sport Trust’s Junior Athlete Education programme and the 5 multi-skill competences and to learn more about the 26 performer competencies click here.

To read more about the Youth Sport Trust Multi-Skills Clubs FAQs click here.


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